Bears stopped coming to the baits

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  1. I have a few bait stations set up, and about two weeks ago the bear visits really quit, in all locations. Before this I had alot of hits, and one spot I would have multiple bears throughout the day coming in. Its two weeks into the season and I'm getting nervous I wont get a chance at one. People say the berries are ripe so they are choosing that food source, but is this true? and how long will they stay away? Anyone have any suggestions to why or what to do?? Im hunting in North East WI, unit C, an hour north of GB in Colmen WI.
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    Good luck with seeing a bear. My son and I applied as a group and we recieved tags. I shot a averge bear on Sat of the opener. My son saw one skirting the outside of the bait and could not get a shot. Since then we could not go back up (Silver Cliff area) until last Friday. On 6 baits that we started back up every bear was nocturnal. We have dog hunters everywhere and I believe that they have those bears chased to a point that they will not move unless pushed during the day. We like you had bears feeding all day long on four of the six baits for the opener. I will not wait another 11 years for a tag to go through this again. We use to hunt MN and we are have not hunted that state for 4 years. I will be going back to MN to hunt without having to worry about dogs pushing bear from county line to county line.