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    I went out this morning with the express purpose of harvesting three trout for the dinner table tonight. I took a look at my dashboard clock when I got out of the White Whale "my vehicle" and it said 8:46am. I fished non-designated water. I am also not naming streams anymore on the open internet.


    9:52am I re-entered my vehicle. I landed 16 browns on silver panther martins with red and blue accents. The sizes ranged from 4 inches to 18 inches.

    I kept two around 14 inches and one 16 incher. I believe only catching trout for sport is injuring a fish for the sheer sport of it and is inhumane.


    On the way back to vehicle I stumbled on some morels under an apple tree.

    I chuckled to myself as I cleaned them. I can remember reading a guy's post last night where he said he only kept stockers and never wild trout. The only way to tell if a fish is a stocker or wild is by watching the stocking truck drop them off or cleaning them. Is a little too late to let them go if their flesh is orange and firm just like all three wild trout I kept. The ones that claim to never keep wild trout are not fooling anyone besides themselves.

    I practiced what I preach. I let go the 18 incher. I stopped fishing when I caught my third trout which made my limit. I was selective on my keepers. In the near future if I decided to keep some more, I will be responsible and select a different waterway to keep them from.

    I am up for a new recipe for trout. Anyone have any? I will fry up the morel in the usual way but I am willing to try a new way if one of you supplies me with a new recipe?

    Photo here later of trout plated. Check back around 6pm.