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  1. Whats your choice for a flash light? I was looking at some pretty spendy ones tonight. When did a light get so expensive? I was told to look into the 200 lumens Plus models for max brightness. Anyone have the little lights with big reach?

  2. I have always had great success with my Maglite, however, I am looking for a replacement also that would be brighter. I would be interested in seeing what others are buying and why.

    I have heard of SureFire brand; they have at least 4x the lumen intensity of Maglite.:tdo12: I might need to check them out first.:wink:

    I don't mean to hijack your thread but along the same lines, has anyone used some of the store brands (i.e. Cabelas, GanderMountain, etc.)? How do they stack up as their price is a bit lower than namebrands?
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    Surefires kick out the light of a Mag light at a fraction of the size and weight. Drawback is the battery price.
  4. Matco Tools has an LED flashlight that has white, green, and red LEDS that are interchangeable. LED lights are really small and bright. They don't put out as much as a surefire, but a surefire also costs 10x more and the batteries are insanely priced unless you just buy the rechargeable batteries for them.(If you do that make sure you buy the surefire ones, other brands don't work good.)

    If you want a Matco one go to, go to contact us and find your local dealer. Call them up and you can order one. They are on sale right now for around $30.
  5. Sounds like a nice substitute especially for cost.

    I still wonder if store brands (like GanderMountain) that are similar in cost to Matco but suggest the same lumen capability as SureFire. Interested in what people think of these if they are as good or is it just hype?
  6. Sorry I never came back to this post to tell my side. I bought a second battery pack for my Milw, rechargeable. Figured this is what I would look for game with if need be. On my way to the cabin, I was almost in eau claire where I had to pick up my kids from college and I realized I forgot my light. I have 18 days of hunting coming up and no real good light to speak of. In between my swearing at myslef my loving wife say," Whats the big deal, just stop at gander and buy one" LOL Told her hoe expensive the one I wanted was and she laughed, said just go buy it you cheap old man! With that I turned and went to gander. The light I bought was the browning 220 lumen model. Its about 4 inches long and DOES NOT HAVE AN ADJUSTABLE BEAM (WHICH IS PERFECT). This light comes with three covers red,gree,blue that slip over the end if you want. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this light would be as great at it is and it was worth every penny of the $69. This is by far the best light I have ever used. If your looking for something that can reach out and touch things in the dark (way out with a big round spot light effect) this is the one to get. I use the green cover all the time now since the white bare light is just too bright for walking. Don't cheap out, get the one that is the full $69 and has 220 lumens. The next step down is not worh the $15 savings. PS. Since then I bought my son one. I bought a friends son one for a present just because the kid lost a buck this year to poor lighting available to look for it. The next morining the buck was 20 yards from where he was the nite before but the wolves/coyotes ate it over night. He hunts so hard I thought I would get him a present that he will really appreciate.
    Bottom line, the browning 220 lumen camoflage little light packs a whallop and is the perfect pocket size, IMO the last light you will ever need.
  7. It is a little big, but a 3 or 4d maglite with the LED kit, puts out spotlight like light, and in 2 years, I have never replaced the batteries.

    I also use a Streamlight TLR-1. It is a LED gun light. It is rated at 160 Lumen's and runs for 2.5 hours. I use it on my duty weapon, and it is absolutely blinding. Turns anything as white as the sun. Almost too much light to use as a flashlight for anything withing 10 yards. I know you said flashlight, but it is a good lumen's comparison.
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    The Maglites are ok, but are really quite big compared to the newer lights like the Surefires, etc.
  9. Awesome flash lights for the price and quality, I have ordered more than a few from dealextreme. The drawback is the delivery is about 2 weeks but prices more than make up for it. My EDC is a Hugsby P2. Very bright and still on its first battery after 3 months. I think it was $16.

    I have about four more from there, this is my favorite.
  10. Just my 2 cents as everyones different. For hunting I prefer a mini mag with a leather lanyard and leather wrapped around the boby so when i hold it in my teeth i'm not bitting on bar metal. Uses the same batteries as my gps and light. For tracking hit game i like to use a dual fuel coleman lantern with aluminum foil wrapped around half the glass. Also you can buy a CO2 adapter that keeps the tank pressurized. The nice thing about using a lantern is the heat thrown from it helps keep your hands warm which is nice in the late season.
  11. I also have, the Rayovac 1 watt and 3 watt Sportsman's Lights. They are much cheaper than Surefire and Streamlight, but equally as bright for their size. Got mine at wallmart for 15-25 bucks
  12. i have a cheap led for going to and from my stand but i dont like them for tracking its hard to see the blood i have a mag light for that