Best Streams Of The Wisconsin Driftless Area.

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    Best Streams Of The Wisconsin Driftless Area

    "As Seen in January 2009 Midwest Outdoors Magazine."


    Mike M. fishing the lower part of one of the streams mentioned in this article

    Streams considered must have a thriving population of trout. They must have public areas to fish.
    Portions of the waterway needs to be private. NO stream in my top eight are catch and release only.
    The streams will not be listed as one through eight. Just because the stream is mentioned first does
    NOT mean it is the best stream in the area.

    West Fork Of The Kickapoo.
    This waterway is located in Vernon County, Wisconsin. The town of
    Avalanche is the northern most part of this waterway. It is located on the CTH S and CTH Y intersection.
    There is an excellent camping area there and large chunk of public water. The public water is
    artificial only and catch and release only. South of STH 82 the catch and release water ends. Worms
    are allowed below there. Any tributary of this water in a 10 mile radius is good trout water. North towards
    Bloomingdale has some more catch and release water. The west fork has active stocking programs. They stock browns
    and brookies. Recently tigers have been caught in the west fork right at the campgrounds and the nearby
    tributaries. This entire stretch and tributaries clears quickly after a rain.

    Castle Rock Creek
    This waterway is located in Grant County. Church Road downstream to first Highway Q Bridge is some of
    the public water on Castle Rock Creek. About two thirds of Castle Rock Creek in that area is catch and release and
    artificial only. Check closely on your Wisconsin Trout Fishing Pamphlet and you will see other types of water mixed in
    that area. ALL of Castle Rock Creek is not strict catch and release water. This waterway has mostly brooders in it. The Wisconsin DNR
    yearly drops off massive browns and rainbows from the hatchery there. Up and downstream of the area I mentioned has
    private land and more stream born trout. There is lots of Public Water there. This waterway dirties easily after rain.

    Me with one of the brooder bows from Castle Rock Creek

    Knapps Creek
    This waterway is located on the Richland Crawford County line on CTH U. This area has a MASSIVE public area.. It extends from
    one mile south of Plum Run Road all the way to Fish School Road. This waterway has browns and brookies in it. Lots of
    the waterway is open and easy back casting. This waterway is NOT catch and release only. This waterway has
    much private water south of Jimstown Road all the way to Excelsior. The upper part of this waterway clears quickly after a hard rain.

    Mill Creek
    Mill Creek is found in Richland County. The catch and release water extends from STH 14 and CTH E north all the way up to
    Quarry Hill Road. It is artificial only on that stretch also. The public area extends from Geis Road up to Quarry Hill Road. The DNR
    has cut many trees away from the banks and it has wide open back casting in that stretch. The DNR has also stocked many
    brooders in this area. Some of the rainbows approach 30 inches.Below STH 14 all the way to Basswood
    is good for Browns. Above Quarry Hill Road all the way to Sabin is good for browns.
    This area is Private Property and you can fish all types of lures/flies/worms and catch and release is NOT mandatory.
    Mill has a East and West Fork that are Private Property. Both of these tributaries are worth a look.

    Tainter Creek
    Tainter Creek is very long waterway in Vernon and Crawford County. It ends at the Kickapoo River on CTH B near STH 131. The first part
    of that waterway is Private Property. At West River Road it becomes Public Waterway. The public waterway extends all the way
    north on CTH B and ends just south of CTH C. This waterway has a healthy population of brookies and browns. There have been
    tigers caught in this waterway also. The private waterway extends all the way up to just past the intersection of CTH C on to Keilen Road.
    About 100 yards on to Keilen road the public starts again. The Public Area extends all the way to Tainter Hollow Road West. A mixture of
    public and private extends quite a ways up on Tainter Hollow Road. This waterway has been producing tigers also. Upper part of Tainter
    clears quickly.

    Big Springs Creek
    This creek is located in Grant County on Pine Tree Road and Big Springs Road. The Public Area is well marked and the majority of this
    waterway is catch and release only and use of artificial lures is mandatory. This area is stocked very often by local clubs and the DNR and has
    a thriving population of brook trout. Above and below the designated c/r water is private property and you may stumble on a brown or two. That
    area is NOT catch and release and artificial only.This waterway clears very quickly.


    Me with one of the beautiful brook trout that are plentiful on Big Springs Creek.

    Pine River
    The Pine River is located Richland County. This area has numerous public areas. The majority of the waterway is private property This waterway
    has NO catch and release areas. This waterway has very sheer banks in most places. The banks make the waterway very unfriendly for flyanglers.
    The depth of the waterway can vary from 2 feet to 12 feet in a short distance. This waterway is very dangerous to wade. This waterway has browns
    in it that will boggle your mind. It has some stocked bows in it at bridges. There are many tributaries on this waterway worth fishing. Most of the smaller
    tributaries have brookies in them.This water gets dirty easily and takes a long time to clear up.

    Black Earth Creek.
    Black Earth Creek is located on STH 14 in Dane County. It had a large fish kill about five years ago but has rebounded amazingly. The DNR and local
    clubs have stocked the stream with bows and browns. Check the recent stocking. This place is loaded with trout. The catch and release and artificial only
    areas are clearly marked. Explore the less fished area east and west of the catch and release water. You will be pleasantly surprised. This water
    clears quickly.

    Go beat the bushes. Put your waders on. Discover your own "BEST" stream.

    These eight streams are just the tip of the iceberg. Honorable mention should be given to Crooked Creek/Big Green/The Blue in Grant County.
    Mount Vernon Creek and Sugar River in Dane County.Plum Creek and Rush Creek in Crawford County
    Reads Creek and Elk Creek Vernon County. Willow Creek and Bear Creek Richland County
    Any streams in Crawford/Vernon/Dane/Iowa/
    Grant/Richland counties are teeming with trout.
    Don't just fish the waterways I have listed. There are sooo many streams in this area. You could NOT fish all of them in a lifetime.

    Good luck and
    Tight Lines to all.
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