Best Wisconsin Locations for Squirell and Rabbit

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by jwoodrow, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I'm introducing my Grandson to hunting this fall. We live in the North Milwaukee area and we're looking for locations we are most likely to encounter good populations of Squirrel and/or Rabbit. It is not necessary to limit any geographic area in the state. My Grandson will be using an air-rifle with 1,000 fps capabilities.
  2. if you find out let me know....ok

  3. Nothing yet

    Thanks Oliver, I will be happy to share, but to date no suggestions have been posted.
  4. I would think the Kettle Moraine would have every thing that you and your Grandson are looking for. Just Google Kettle Moraine and you should be able to find an area to hunt. There are lots of Oak stands that should give your grandson lots of squirrel opurtunities.
  5. i hunt snow shoe hare in the chequamegon national forest near wabeno. they are a blast to hunt with dogs. as for the squirrels any where with oaks like tom says. there are also an abundance in the national forest where i hunt hare.

    good luck hunting with your grandson.
  6. NO doubt

    Kettle Moraine.... its really good up by the north camp Grounds and they allow you to park on the side of the road up there just watch for horses and hikers they tend to freak out about people with guns.