better to be out there with a jinxed pattern, then to be......(REPORT)

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  1. My wife and I spent the last two weekend walking the drifts in order to wet our lines. Snow on banks, cold weather, snow in the air, and uncertainty of the water would never hold us back. We are the type to leave, then check the weather after we are on the road! Simply put, we are fly fishing addicts that go at every single chance we get.

    We spend most of our time fishing our home waters of the Ausable and Manistee system in Michigan. Close second is the U.P. and rounding out our cold stream fishing is Wisconsin. We have only fished the Wisconsin streams for a few years but have come to enjoy their charm. The challenge of having to get on hands and knees and make good presentations. The joy of catching wild or broodstock is just fine by us.

    The last two weekends found us fishing an area where we have some friends. Opening weekend came with great anticipation. After spending months under the lights of the bench tying up every pattern imageniable we were getting hungry to use our creations. Hours spent tuning equipment, tying leaders, furled leaders, indicators, and anything else could think of. Yes were junkies who need to have their mind on fly fishing even when we are not.

    Finally to be on the water with the cold wind blowing in our faces was the kind of payoff we've been waiting for. I typically start with a streamer. A yellow marbou muddler was to be the first feather flung. The first plop of the weighted muddler in the water is a sound that warmed me up immediatly. But no fish were to be found. In fact no fish was to be found until the end of hte weekend........finally a 12" brown decided my sparrow nymph looked good enough to eat.

    One lousy fish was enought to have me excited all week long! Neither of us could hardly wait to get back in the fish truck and head back to Wisconin.

    The second weekend we fished some different stretches on the same system. This water was a little more familier and as a result fished much better for the both of us. I started with Sparrow nymph. It's a goto pattern for me to search water. It worked last weekend so maybe it would be the ticket. After fishing a few spots that I knew held fish without getting a bump I switched on over to a Prince nymph. Immediatly things heated up the outside air, which was only about 20 degrees.

    Bang fish, bang fish, and so on. with in a matter of 20 minuits I caught and release 5 browns. None of them monsters by any means, the largest only being 14 inches.

    I think there were maybe were about 10 fish brought to hand. A couple did go for the Sparrow. I wonder if fish just never take the first pattern I throw out or if it's because I'm so excited to be out there that I'm making poor presentations. This much I do know, it's better to be out there with a jinxed first pattern of the day then to be at home tying that confounded thing!:lol:
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    Thanks for the post, Wildcatwick. Sounds like your fly rods are getting a good workout.

  3. They certainly do. I go thru equipment pretty quickly as I'm out at least every weekend except for deer hunting season. I have to get enough deer to fill the cooler thru out the year and enough to tie all the flies!:lol:

    Just picked up a couple of 3wt Orvis Trout bums. The wife and I are headed for a 5 day trip to our families property in Grayling. Can't wait to get on the holy waters.

    I picked up a new digital camera too so there will be pictures with the next report.
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    Look forward to the pictures.