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    I've been hunting as much as possible the last 8 days but the 5th of November was the first day that i got a chance to sit from first light to last light and it paid off big for me. The south winds have been giving me a fit as i don't have much in the way of rut stands that are conducive to hunting with southernly winds, but i set up on the ridgetop of my dad's farm for the first hour of the morning and then slid down to our brassica foodplot around 7am and set up my buck decoy 30 yards out in front of me. At 8:30 I picked up movement of a buck in the thick brush about 80 yards away to my west. I bleated, grunted, and eventually rattled and i could not get him to come out of the clearcut. I figured that he had a hot doe that he was guarding so i gave up on calling him out but figured i would hold tight and hope that the hot doe would draw some other buck movement into shooting range for me.
    The action was slow through the afternoon, but I was able to catch glimpses of both the buck and the doe every now and again. The occasional shaking of young saplings or flash of anler throught the 5 year old clearcut was enough to give me hope that something would happen before dark.
    At 4:15 I seen a buck cruising the edge of a large CRP field to the south of me. I grabbed my grunt call and grunted till he stopped and turned my direction. All it took was two more short grunts and he turned and headed my way. He was a 2 1/2 year old 4x1 with a goofy 15" spike on one side. He came to the decoy and spent 15 minutes or so in near bow range eyeing up the decoy. Eventually he heard the buck and doe to the west of me in the brush and moved down the food plot towards them. As quick as he got down near the doe the buck that had been tending her all day come out of the brush stiff legged and bristled up. He sidestepped the 2 1/2 year old out of the plot and turned to head back to his doe. As quick as he hit the brush I snort wheezed twice. He whirled and come up the hill. As quick as he seen the decoy he commited and I drew back when he stepped within 40 yards. He came closer to 30, but before I could settle the pin he turned and was sidestepping around the decoy moving away from me. When he got to 40 yards he was broadside and I settled the pin and squeezed the release. My lighted nock tracked right into the pump station and the arrow buried into his opposite shoulder. He stormed out of the plot and I could see him struggling to stay up after a 70 yard sprint. He layed down in the CRP and I sat down to calm down. With 15 minutes of shooting light left I slipped out and gave him an hour to expire.
    My father and I came back in an hour and walked to where I knew he had layed down and he jumped up when we were about ten yards away from him. I was sick at the sight of him running over the rise but knew I just had to give him time to expire. We gave him the night and found him this morning 50 yards from where we had bumped him out of his bed.
    Not much of a rack on him but he was at least 4 1/2 years old and he weighed 240 lbs field dressed. He's a 7 point with nearly 5" bases. All in all this was one of the slowest ruts that I can remember, but I did see some kind of action everyday. Just not the full blown rutting and chasing that i've been able to witness in years past.
    Thanks for reading and best of luck to you fellas that have yet to tag your buck. The cold front hitting us this weekend should crank things up a bit!
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  2. Now that is a NICE BUCK!

    You gotta love those big bodied deer.

  3. Holy Cow!

    that is a big old deer. Congrats and keep up the good work.....