Big Buck shed pic.....

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  1. Hey guys I was Bowhunting and came across this shed on Friday. I took a shot at this Buck the first week of November, I missed him at 28 yards! Still sick about the miss! We have deep snow here, I look and see a bush all beat up and bark on top of the fresh snow. I'm standing there looking at it and notice about 2 inches of 2 tines sticking out of the snow. I was like wow, a dead buck or something. I reach down and pick it up and BAM, I pull this out of the snow! I couldn't believe it. I knew exactly who it belonged to. He must of dropped it that night, fresh tracks and blood on the base. I saw him chasing a Doe 2 weeks back! Also saw a Half racked 8 pointer Wednesday, I thought he was busted up or something but with all the snow and temps in the teens they must be dropping them early! I just thought would share!


    Anyone else finding sheds yet????
  2. I don't blame you for being sick about missing him.....he must be a dandy. You'll get him next year....just get him patterned,:shhh::shhh: and keep quiet.

  3. Cool Find. Man it is early for them to be shedding already. He will really be something next year.
  4. I shot a little 4 pointer last night that I had seen back in October with a full rack. He only had 1 antler left and when I went to drag him out by his other, it fell off. That said, I saw a real nice 12 point last night too that still had a full rack
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    I hope they aren't all losing their hardware. I won't be as motivated to go out into the cold if they are:frown: Oh well, I still have some doe management to address.
  6. I seen a buck that has already shed too. And a friend got a trail cam of another... There are always a few that shed early, but it seems like more this year cause of the early winter stress.
  7. A lot of shed bucks my way. Some were gone around the 10th...others had half racks during that time too.

    Further south, we've seen them with full racks into late April though.
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    Anybody else pick up any more sheds? They are dropping now.
  9. I will be looking for them in the next few weeks. I will post what I find for sure. I want it to warm up a few degrees yet...... and need some snow to melt
  10. I've been out a few times this month, too much snow and to often, bury's them!
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    I love the split brow tine, did the other side match?
  12. First set I ever found was about in November, but it was dropped last winter. Some of the tips were chewed down. Darn! Nice looking rack!