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  1. Dont know who all saw it but what a brute !

    October 25, 2007

    BuckTracker: A 212 B&C Iowa Monster

    [​IMG]Another great deer story came to me from Iowa the other day. Steve Hanson, a friend, guide, and whitetail fanatic from Monroe County, actually knew the buck pictured here quite well. “We had seen him several times in velvet and had lots of trail camera photos of him,” Steve says. “We knew he was a monster and I had a client coming in for the archery opener. I hoped he’d have a chance at the buck.”
    The client did indeed get a crack at the buck. Unfortunately, after a thorough blood trailing job, they were unable to find the deer.
    Steve is so busy guiding hunters he rarely has time to hunt himself. But when he had a free afternoon during the resident muzzleloader season, he decided to visit the same area. “I didn’t really have this buck on my radar,” Steve says. “But there were others nearby worth looking for.” Despite some lousy weather (rain, wind, and occasional thunder) Steve crawled up in a tree stand. “The rain just kept getting worse, but deer were feeding heavily. Suddenly a big buck came into the field. I had to watch him for a long time before I knew the deer I was looking at, it was raining so hard.”
    Steve made a 120 yard shot, and found the buck soon after. Interestingly, Steve shot the buck only 200 yards from where his client had wounded it only weeks before. “It was really interesting,” he says. “When you add up all the sightings and pictures, this buck was a real homebody. He had a very small core area.”
    Congrats on a world-class whitetail, Steve!
    Hunt Stats
    Date: October 15, 2007
    Location: Monroe County, Iowa
    Weight: unknown
    Points: 17
    Green Score: 212 B&C (gross non-typical)
    Weapon: Savage muzzleloader
    Method: Tree stand
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  2. I dont know what i would do if "that" was walking up to me.....
  3. I'm pretty sure...

    That's actually some kind of elk...or maybe it's a doe walking around with a CACTUS ON HIS HEAD!!!

    WOW...very nice buck! Iowa does it every year, for sure!
  4. WOW what a giant!!!!! Congrats to him! :bowdown::yikes::bowdown::yikes::bowdown::yikes:
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    Buck of a lifetime!
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    Holy smokes that a nice one!