Big Opps!!!!!!!!

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  1. Big Oopps!!!!!!!!

    I tried something new on one of my Food plots. I always either planted Sunflower or Sorghum to screen a food plot that butts up to a larger neighbors field, this year I had been given some corn seed that I was told was Roundup Ready and decided I would try some corn for a screen. Planted a strip mixed with some RR Soybean on May 22. Last weekend I went up to spray the beans and corn. Every thing was growing very nicely including the weeds so I sprayed the plot. Got up this weekend to check how the spraying was doing on the weeds. The weeds were all turned brown or dead. Started to look at the corn and bean strip and all I could see was beans. I started cussing under my breath that the deer had cleaned all the corn off, but after closer examination the corn was all dead. Either the corn seed wasn't RR or I sprayed to soon. The corn was 6 inches high. I would have thought that should have been OK to spray. The beans are all doing great. Good thing I didn't have to pay for the corn seed although I did spread fertilizer and had some time invested. Oh well this is the 1st time that something I planted in food plot didn't turn out for me, probably won't be the last.
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