Bike Trail Fail....Shake Rag Trail

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    It was Sunday morning early and Barb had the urge to bike.

    Barb had heard of a new trail and we went exploring yesterday. The trail between Dodgeville and Mineral Point is called Shake Rag Trail.

    The trail looked like a winner to Barb at first but she quickly changed her opinion when it wove in and out between a real bike trail and riding on a road with lots of traffic and a narrow lane for bikes.

    We had driven to Mineral Point so early and she still wanted to ride so the nearest nice trail was in New Glarus and I eagerly chauffeured her there.

    I dropped off Barb at the Chalet Land Haus parking lot in New Glarus and she biked to Monticello and back. It was a 1.5 hour round trip. This is a well maintained and scenic bike trail.

    I kept myself amused looking in the beautiful shops in New Glarus and I scored a new liter Spaten Beer Mug at the Glarnerladen shop there.

    After I picked up Barb we went to the New Glarus Hotel and ate their wonderful Swiss Sunday morning brunch.