Blue Racer snake's can be a lot of fun when you are 10 in 1951

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  1. I was all ways fascinated by snakes and had no fear of them because of my ripe old age of ten years old I knew every thing and was invincible.
    I read all the books in school I could find in the small library about animals and reptiles, I was the neighborhood authority on the wildlife.
    I was always catching garter snake's to bring home much to my mothers chagrin, she had the girls gene that she was born with like all girls are, A ingrained fear of any thing that crawled.
    One time I had caught 2 blue Racer's about 4 or 5 feet long, now that was tricky getting them into a burlap bag, they really are ornery buggers, they kept striking at me but I managed to pin their heads and get them in the bag. Like any ten year old I didn't think about what I was going to keep them in when I got home all I know is I had two of the biggest snakes ever seen in our neighborhood. Upon arriving on our street I made sure I had to walk about 2 blocks of the street carrying the bag with my 2 snakes, other kids came out of their yard's to see what I was carrying, the boy's eye's would get big when I opened the bag far enough for them to see the snakes, of course I didn't tell the Girls the truth when they wanted to see what was in the bag, I fibbed a little and told them that there was baby rabbit's in the bag, upon being told this they insisted on being able to see them like the boy's had, There were 2 girls, I said no and they kept saying come on let us see them they have to be really cute little things, I led them on a few more minute's , the other boys were standing around grinning like the fox that just got a hen from the hen house, I said all right you can look but don't be all day and you can't pick them up.
    Well the 2 girls got on both side's of the bag and I opened it up about half way and they both had to lean over to see into the bag, about the time there heads were over the opening one of the snake's tried to raise up and get out of the bag, near as I could tell he was about 8 inches below the mouth of the burlap bag, The girls had baby Rabbit on their minds so it took a few seconds for their brain's to kick in and they were starring at a large blue snake just inches away from their face's, it was like 2 light bulbs going off at the same time, both reared back and screamed like Banshee's and their four feet were in the air and they were running for their live's, I swear they looked like the road runner cartoon where his feet make a circle as he ran, all it had to be was the girls saying "BEEP BEEP" and they would have looked like twin road runner's, they were about as skinny as the road runner.
    Well after the tears stop streaming from my eye's so I could see I trudged on home with my prize's. Now there is one thing that I wouldn't do, I would never scare my mother with my wild pet snake's because the first time I ever did that was the last time. I had brought one of those little brown snake's home and held it out to my mother as she turned to look at me out in our front yard where she was pulling some weed's, Her eye's got huge and she screamed and ran into the house, she came back out carrying a ball bat, she had it raised over her head like she was going for a home run, she said get that snake back out in the field and turn it loose, well I did that and when I got back in the yard she still had the baseball bat but it was hanging down, I never forgot the words she said to me that day, ""she said if you ever do that again I brought you into this life and I can take you back out also"", I instantly understood and never tried that again but I would sneak these 2 into what we call the furnace room that was connected to the house, It was a room about 12 by 15 that the furnace was in, I thought I would just leave them in behind the furnace for a few hours until I could figure out how to make a box or some thing to keep them in outside. well about 6 hours later I went to check on them and the bag was empty, I was looking in the bag when my mother opened the door and she saw me holding the bag open peering in it, she said what have you got in the bag, it happened so fast like a dummy I said my 2 -4 foot blue racers snake's got out of the bag, Two thing's happened at once, there was a ear piercing scream and the explosion of the door being slammed, either one of them could have deafened me in that small room they were so loud.
    Well there wasn't but one way out of that room, there was the main furnace duct going under the crawl space into the main house, they had escaped under there.
    Well I had to tell my mother so I went into the house and holding my hands like a boxer to fend off the blows I knew would follow after I told her the snakes got away and were under the house, well she didn't beat me but boy she sure called me thing's a grown man shouldn't have been called much less a ten year old.
    We had a small terrier dog that looked sort of like a jack Russell terrier, he just adored my mother and slept with her downstairs where there was only one bedroom and us 3 boys slept upstairs'. the dog was very agile, with out trying he could go from a standing position and with out hardly bending his leg joints he could jump on the bed effortlessly.
    well some time in the night I was awakened by a unearthly piercing scream, I was up and on the floor in one bound from a dead sleep, down the stairs thinking a killer had broken into the house, all the way down the stairs my mother continued screaming, it must have been just seconds I ran so fast and opened her bedroom door and switched the light on, standing on the bed against the head board was my mother clutching the blanket in front of her with both hands and her eyes were like a owls wide open, I said what's wrong after I saw that there was no killer in the room, She squealed out "'that dam snake's on the bed some where, I helped her off the bed and she ran out of the bedroom, I searched the room, every inch of it and no snake, I went out into the kitchen where my mother had the baseball bat in her hands just in case the snake had gotten by me, I said there was no snake in there. after a short while my mother figured out what had happened, she went to sleep with snake on her mind and during the night the dog had gotten off the bed and then jumped back on it and my mother with snake on her mind thought the snake had fallen on the bed.
    we never did see those 2 blue racer's again, there were some opening around that crawl space so they must have gotten out that way.
    needless to say I never brought a snake into the house or any part of it again.