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  1. We are Boarmasters Wildlife Attractants and specialize in Hog, Bear and Deer Bait. Our products are VERY different from those in the industry. We are looking for a few select individuals to add to our PROSTAFF TEAM. Take a minute to read about our #1 Selling bear bait attractants!

    Our Bear-ly Legal Bear attractant was tested in 5 states by experienced guides for two years before we released it for sale! It was found to be superior to any other bear bait or bear attractant. Immagine if you could reduce 250lbs of jelly to a mere 4oz of ultra fine powder. It will bring them in and keep them coming back for more! This ultra sweet powder based bait /attractant is 100x's sweeter than sugar and has a combination of 5 concentrated flavors that the bear love. Use it by itself, or use it to supercharge and freshen up your bear bait. One 4oz package will sweeten and flavor a 55 gal drum full of any bait. Great for making expired sweets taste like new again! Available in our 4oz single bait station bags or 1lb bulk packs for guides. Larger volumes available on request.

    Our Hog and deer baits work the same way. One small packages will flavor all the bait in your feeders. We also offer 100% pure Hog and Bear Urine in both Boar and Sow in heat. Our urines are Clean and pure. No additives and no water, Just pure filtered urine. We recieve shipment every 2 weeks for guaranteed freshness. Hogs can breed year around so this products sells very well and is always readily available. Bear urines are super tough to get. Please place your orders early and give us a projected ship date. This helps us order in proper quantities to keep guaranteed freshness. It takes several weeks to capture a small amount of urine.

    Check us out and please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. We have many new exciting products coming your way.

    Anyone interested in Prostaff Positions please send information to the above email and a a little about yourself.
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