Bob cat deer attack from Mi sportsman

Discussion in 'Deer Cam Pictures' started by steve ypsi mi, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. took these off the Mi sportsman, notice the time, 2:30,2:31 2:32

  2. buck83

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    Is that a racked buck in the background of the 3rd picture?

    Great images!

  3. I zoomed in but can't tell what it is
  4. dang, only the strong survive out there.
  5. Steve

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    That is really something.
  6. The picts are out of sequence. Putting them in the time frame order I'm wondering if this deer was injured initially, resulting in the bob-cat's attack? A cat of that size attacking a full-grown healthy deer would be quite rare.

    The body size on the deer running away would make me believe that it may be a yearling.