Bob Mehsikomer trout fishes too

Discussion in 'Mississippi River Basin' started by spinner, May 13, 2009.

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    Bob is a muskie man. He is a member of The Fresh Water Anglers
    "Hall Of Fame"

    It took a little doing. Bob watched my blog for a while.
    He drove down yesterday and we trout fished. He insisted on barbless

    We hit 3 streams and between the 2 of us we caught 38 trout

    The first trout he caught he smiled and said: "This would make a good
    muskie bait." "Most of the baits I throw are bigger than this trout."

    The first 2 streams Bob caught lots of trout but none over 12 inches...
    We then traveled a little eastward and Bob started to get some bigger ones.
    Bob caught 2 in this size range and I caught 4 like this.
    I had small fish of the year so far . A 2 inch brown.
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    What a great guy to introduce to trout fishing.