Bob Skoronski and I are fishing in the morning

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    the huddle

    A quick hitter between the guard and tackle was called.
    Bart asked each lineman in the huddle about their person
    across from them. He wanted to know any "tells" from
    scouting reports.

    The scouting report said when Jethro Pugh was tired he would
    stand more upright in his stance. That was the report in the huddle.

    Bart decided that he wanted the lineman to block just like it was a hand off so none
    of them gave away the real play he had planned.

    He had a a hand signal with his center that meant qb sneak and which ever side he basically wanted to go the hand sign was given. Bart thought because of the cold a hand off was not advisable .

    The rest is history.


  2. Hope you guys have a great day!

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    good morning

    we had a good morning.
    Between the 2 of us we caught 35 trout.
    A good mixture of brookies and browns.
    None were photo worthy.
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    Still beats working.
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    Going again in the morning


    His son Steve is coming along too.