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  1. Hey yall, hope everyone is prepping! My son and I have been on a league for 7 weeks and we are haveing a blast. He is improving all the time and better yet, he is having fun! He is starting to see that practice makes archery more fun (IE: get better) My goal this year will be to put him in a new bow. The new one will a better fit for him and will be close to top of the line hunting equipment. This should be a boost for him. I will follow with new equipment too. Here is our background, I have always had hoyt. He has alwaywshad PSE. We have it narrowed down to a Bow Tech or a mathews (the hoyts do not feel good to us when we fire it) I had my heart set on Mathews reesen. Then the archery pro tells us to shoot one of his bow techs and gives us his comparable bow tech to the mathews I have not heard much about this company (bow tech) WOW, smooth draw, totally silent and very little shock. Even compared to the mathews, the bow tech IMO surpasses the better feel in my hand. No bias here now. What do you think of bow tech and what is your feeling of the two? Both archery ranges I went to seems to direct us toward the bow tech indirectly?
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    Go with team Bowtech :)

  3. Forget both of them!! You're paying big bucks for a name. Check out FORGE bows!
  4. I shoot a Bowtech bow, I bought it off the used rack, it was a year old and had all the add ons that I wanted, it also felt great when I shot it. That was 3 years ago, my old bow was 16 years old, not much to compare between them. My brother loves his Matthews, I haven't tried his, I shoot a lefty.
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    Try Diamond for a cheaper version of Bowtech.
  6. I feel that if someone answers with a negative opinion of the bow they own and shoot that will red flag me. There are so many cool options to add now a days. I am shooting as many bows as I can to find the one that feeld the best. I fully understand most bows are shootable. Comparing apples to apples is important to. With this purchase I plan to make, money will not be a drawback. My whole life I have had second fiddle or "good enough" equipment for about everything I do. Its time I pamper myself and buy the best bow I can afford that feels the best.
    Waterdog, I am steering a lady I am shooting with towards the diamond or your forge. The price falls into her comfort zone for a pretty nice looking bow. For myself though, I have it narrowed down to the two I talked about. Those are the two that feel the best when shooting for me.
    Are there any dislikes you guys have with your bows?
  7. If the Bow Tech felt the best to you then that's the bow to shoot. But if it didn't, don't let a salesman stear you to it. Many times profit margins and or kickbacks are greater for one brand over another so it's natural for them to push the bow brand that makes them the most money. What rest and sights are you going to shoot? More fun! Bow Tech is a good line as well as all the others. Even Mission a off shoot of Mathews makes a nice shooting bow. In the end after all the hype shoot what you like and have fun with it.
  8. Go with what feels right

    I've been a bowhunter for 7 years now, so I might not have the magnitude of experience that others have, but I got some. I'll tell you that after going through 3 compounds now, I have learned that it pays off in the long run to spend the money and get the bow that feels right to you. Don't base it off of price, or you will most likely not be happy. A good bow is an investment, and if you pick the right one, it will last you a long time. I don't think one brand is really all that different from another as far as quality goes, because all of the major brands are using CAD design and quality assured assembly.

    So I think if you pick the bow up, the weight feels right, it fits your arm's draw length comfortably, and it's not a pain in the butt to maneuver in a tree, then that must be the one for you. My first bow was a used and old bear(for learning), my second was a mathews, andthe bow I have now is a Martin. I really didn't like the Mathews, even after all of my buds told me to get it and I gave it a chance- what a waste. So I sold it, got a Martin, and have been shooting that successfully for 5 years now. Everyone told me not to get the Martin, because it wasn't a Matthews, but let me tell you, they have empty tags at Thanksgiving time and I don't.

    Go with your gut brother...
  9. This is a awesome story.
    That lady I was teaching this year was learning usingf my second bow ever (1983 Hoyt Rambow) A bit too ling for her and cranked down (bad I know) as far as possible. Even with all that she shot ok but was still excited about archery. Being short on cash (single mother and putting herself thru college at 48yrs old) she could not afford a bow this year. I was about to make a huge donation to the cause since I saw a fire in her eyes when she stuck with it and would hit a bull in league. As luck would have it, at the banquet for our league, her name was drawn. Not only did she win a prize but it was one of the bow packages!!!!!!!!!! How friggen cool is that? Finally a person who really could USE a bow won one. Usually someone that has a $1000 bow and dont need one wins something like this but in this case, the right person won~ She was told to keep the tags on the bow and she could take it back to Gander mountain and exchange it for the right fittting package. We went there this afternoon and she found that the Diamond razor edge was perfect for her. She was smilling from ear to ear!:smile: I could not be happier for her.
    Thiis bow may get her into hunting she is a bit interested but more so than that. She now can save for another bow and when the time is right, she can give her (now) 8 year old grandson her diamond that adjusts a huge amount and will fir the kid good in a few years. Maybe he will be the next record holder someday?
    Thats how I spent my Sunday. My wife even gave me the blessing to go out and help her get set up (good thing she is not the jealous type)
    An Awesome day to day I would say!
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    That's a great story.
  11. That is awesome. I agree, I like to see prizes go to people who truly need/deserve them. Hate to see it go to someone who won't appreciate it as much.
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    I have a BowTech General and I'm very happy with it. Good Luck with whatever you get.

  13. Some good info in here. I think i am going to go try out some bows this weekend.
  14. The feel and fit is the biggest thing for shooting accurate. I tried different bows at the local shop about 6 years ago and chose a Reflex basically because it felt the most comfortable and easiest for me to shoot. We got my wife a bow this summer and out of three different bows chose a Bear Ultralight. Mainly because she felt the most comfortable shooting it.

    One of my Friends would hunt rabbits and partridge with an old savage pump 20 gauge. He would hit anything he shot at with that beat up pump hand me down. His wife bought him a brand new Rem. Express 12 gauge for his birthday. He couldn't hit water falling out of a boat with that thing. It just didn't fit him and he still hunts with his savage.
  15. I just got my 2nd Bowtech. The only reason I got a new one was because my wife bought it for me. My 1st was a Bowtech Patriot and my new one is an Admiral FLX. They both felt great when I shot them.