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Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by brokenarrow, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Good choice Tom, my feelings exactly. I would of had one (same as you) already but I bought 2 of my kids a new set up this year. I paid the price already for NOT taking care of what I needed for me. I needed at the very least to upgrade my sights to the newer fiber optic versions. With age my eyes have changed and I could use help. With that being said, I hit a 10 point very hard in the (almost) perfect spot. The reason it was not perfect is because of poor light right at quiting time and poor sights. A shot I can do sleeping, 17 yards broadside. I drilled him thru the chest, bright red blood for 3/8 mile. There is no dought in my mind I made the wrong choice as to shoot since I could not be 100% sure of the top pin placement, it blended in with my peep and the body. For what ever reason I missed every vital organ (I think) It was a chest hit with the perfect angle. Im sick with myself for not upgrading and for being greedy even though the shot was very very high percentage one that 99 out of a 100 would result in a clean kill. I am in the process of upgrading right now.