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  1. Looking to build a box blind preferable 6X6 that can be elevated. Has anyone built one? Do you have any advice or plans?

    I have searched the web but not really found anything I dont have to pay $20 for.

  2. This is the box that I am building now. Its not finished yet but you can get an idea. I drew the blueprints myself using Google Sketchup. I was aiming to make it reasonably light, and portable. I am planning on holding the walls together with door hinges. When I want to move it, I will pull the hinge pins and take it down and carry it out in pieces.

    Here is the rundown. Its 2x2 frame, covered with 1/4" osb, and press fit 1" foam panels on the inside for insulation and strength. Although not as light as I wanted, it should still be portable. I only plan on leaving it outside when I am using it, so I don't plan on a full shingle roof or anything.

    I have not started on the roof yet. Besides the 1/4" osb board, I was looking for ideas for the roof covering, as cheap as possible.

    I know the front window is quite large, I plan on making it smaller. It was larger for my original window plan. My new idea for windows will be plexiglass, or possibly wood frame with clear thermal shrink plastic for the panes. Anyway, I am open for ideas also.

    If you want dimensioned drawings for any reason, PM and I will send you what I drew, however its pretty simple as you can see. I am sure most wont need the drawings, it is just helpful to draw it before hand to maximize sheet stock.

    BTW. I could not figure out how to get the pics to show in the post.

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