Brassica Plots Are Doing Well

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  1. I planted 2 Brassica plots. One plot is 2 1/4 acres that was planted on July 25th and the other 1 1/2 acre plot was planted on August 1st. They are both coming along nicely. The rain we had last week really kicked the plot planted on July 25th into high gear. I am sure the second plot will be looking the same when I get up there this weekend. I used a blend for the 1st time from Deer Creek Seed this year as the price was right. So far it looks like it will be a good one.
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    Wow, I would say you'll be able to keep up with demand!

  3. Have you seen your plots since September? With the frosts we had, I did not know if the deer were attacking them yet?

    I am interested in the progress to see how it supports the demand. I plan to have a small plot this next year and wonder if the deer will over-run it before I can hunt it. Plans are for Purple Top Turnips and Rape of some kind.
  4. With all the frosts, hard freezes and snow the brassicas sweetened early this year. The deer have just about wiped out the 1 1/2 acre plot and are really hitting the 2 1/4 acre plot. I doubt there will be much left come gun season, but I have a 3/4 and a 2 acre soybean plots that are loaded with beans that will provide food well into winter.
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    You sure know how to grow food plots they look great.
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    That's what I'm talking about.
  7. You are right, those plots look excellent. I hunt a family farm and while my uncle has graciously said I can make a food plot, it probably won't be very big. Still trying to figure out how to make the most of the land I have. It is a old pasture with woods on 3 sides with a retention pond before exiting into the field below. Probably 4 or so acres total. Usable is maybe 2 at most.

    All in all, just getting the plot to be attractive is my first goal. Probably wouldn't care if they destroyed it before season. As long as they ate it would be worth while. But still would be nice to catch a few lingering for the last good morsels.:cool:
  8. Hunt4Fun, what I would do is next spring get a soil sample as soon as possible to see if you need to put any lime down. If you need lime to improve your PH do it as early as possible. Then in early June spray with 41% glyphosate. Then in early July re-spray again. This should take care of most of the weeds. Then about the last week of July disc or till about half of your food plot. After getting the dirt worked up fertilize and plant a Brassica mix the last week of July. Then about the last week of August or 1st week of September till or disc the other half of plot and fertilize & plant it with a mix of wheat, oats, rye [grain] and Austrian Winter Peas. I guarantee you will have deer in your plots until the snow gets too deep