Brassica Plots are Planted

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  1. Got my brassica plots in yesterday. Made the 125 mile drive up to land with my adult son and started spreading the fertilizer on 1st brassica plant. Only a couple a minutes into spreading fertilizer it started raining lightly. Kept spreading fertilizer on 1st plot with a light drizzle. Decided I would disc fertilizer in and at least get plot ready for seeding on another day if the rain persisted. Got the 1st plot disced and it was still drizzling out. The 1st plot worked out pretty good even though it was raining so I repeated the process on my 2nd brassica plot. The rain quit and I am blessed with soil that drains well and doesnt get real muddy so we figured we would finish both plots up by cultipacking, spreading seed and recultipacking. Got it all done in 7 hours, not bad considering the rain and doing 3 acres of brassica plots with a ATV. Here are some pics of the finished plots. The 1st plot is a little over 2 acres. The green hue is the remains of volunteer clover that the gly spraying did not kill. The 2nd pic is of plot that is a little under an acre. Suppose to rain today, along with the moisture in soil I should have germination in a few days.
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    Nice pictures as always. I got mine in about the same time. Looks like the only successful area that I will have is what I fenced in to keep the deer out of it.