Burn permits suspended in 22 counties due to today's fire weather conditions

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    Contact(s): Joanne Haas, DNR public affairs manager, 608-209-8147, [email protected]; DNR Forest Protection Director Trent Marty, 608-266-7978 or 608-575-8578, [email protected]; DNR Forest Protection Section Chief Michael J. Warnke, 608-264-6044, [email protected]

    MADISON -- The Department of Natural Resources today is suspending burning permits in 22 counties as strong winds and dry conditions usher in what is expected to be Wisconsin's first widespread risk of high to very high fire danger.

    "We have all the necessary ingredients for fire weather," DNR Forest Protection Director Trent Marty said today. "We have soil, leaf litter and brush that is drying rapidly from winter's low snowfall and shallow frost. Add those dry conditions with strong gusty winds, low humidity and today's anticipated warmer temperatures- and that's fire weather."

    In light of today's forecast, the DNR is suspending burning permits in the northwestern and southern half of the state. Look for the Smokey Bear fire danger signs to read "High" to "Very High." Residents are advised to check with the local authorities for additional burning restrictions. People can check for fire conditions and burn permit restrictions daily by searching the DNR website for keywords "fire danger."

    Also, Marty says the timing of todays' fire risk comes at a time when people are starting their annual yard and property cleanup. This can include the common practice of burning a debris pile of leaves, brush and pine needles. The DNR recommends holding off on any outdoor burning until conditions improve.

    Debris burning is Wisconsin's top cause of wildfires. Winds like today's can rekindle smoldering embers. Anyone who has conducted a debris pile in recent days is asked to please return to that area and make sure that fire is out.

    To learn more about how to keep yourself and your home safe from wildfire, please visit dnr.wi.gov keyword "p>
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