California Hunt

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    Thank you on behalf of all of my hunting buddies. We harvested a total of 106 Canadians in two days of hunting over G&H decoys!
    How well do they work? I can only say that they are truly incredibly effective and lifelike. It was amazing!
    We have some tired retrievers, dirty guns, lots of picking to do and I think these guys had the best goose hunt ever known in California!!!
    We had 2 junior hunters age 11 and 13 take their very first geese over G&H today. "Dad, can we get some decoys like Vince uses for our club?" said 11 year old Nick... Brought a big smile to my face!!!!
    Feet down!!
    Vince Crudele

    The above is a hunt in California headed up by Vince Crudele of Western Outdoor News showcasing our two newest products!

    First the NEW Weather Vane Feeder with an awesome new design!

    Also shown is our new Honker Revolution Automated Decoys!