call all trappers for upcoming TV SERIES

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  1. A Los Angeles based production company is scouting Trappers in Northern Wisconsin and the UP Michigan for an upcoming television series. We're looking for great personalities, families, and professionals who take part in trapping each season. We aim to break down some of the negative stereotypes surrounding trapping and the fur industry, by letting the world meet true trappers - who do it either out of necessity or as part of their heritage/ way of life - who love the land and animals as much as anyone. If you'd like more info or have a relative, friend, or local legend trapper who you think is interesting and would be good on camera please reply with information. Leave your own and/or the person's contact info and a little bit about them. Also looking in Norther Wisconsin, Minnesota, and N. Dakota. Pass this along. Trying to make it up to meet candidates at the end of May, beginning of June, so the sooner you reply the better.

    -S. Robert Altman (avid outdoorsman-NOT from California)

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