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Discussion in 'Deer Cam Pictures' started by brokenarrow, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. The glow from the IR on my I-40 disturbed a bear this week. He thought the camera should be placed a bit closer to the ground so he put it there. A little epoxy and it will be back in the game though.
    I need to buy a new cam. I want color pics again, the I-40 never switches to color where I place my camera's. I think I also want to lose the IR. Atleast with my I-40 , I would say the deer are more focussed on the glow than from the flash of my other cams.
    Atleast the camera is still working, it could of been worse.
  2. Just read my post and it is funny how I flowed from, I need a new cam too I want color pics again? Crap, Im started to sound like my wife talking to me.

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    that's funny.
  4. My Trail cam took a hit from a Bear this year also. A little silicon to plug the holes and it's back out there.
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    Luckily Mr. Bear has never decided to mess with my cameras. I always wonder just how much the steel bear box would help in such a situation.
  6. I had a box for the moultry that seemed very flimsy (actually there was no "seemed" about it, it was flimsy. Couple that with having to mount it to a large tree with a lag bolt and I never use it cause the size tree needed where I want this cam for. Now with the new cudde, I bought the "steel" box. This one is pretty heavy and I am impressed with it. Still, it mounts the same way as the other with a lag bolt but the flash cam I will use in a different locale that has the tree diameters to handle it.