Canis latrans

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  1. Got my first Yote of the cable restraint season. I only have a few sets out so I can check them before work. Wish I could put more out but I don't want them in the restraint all day for people to see/steel. I took the camera along this morning and this is what I had waiting.

  2. wow! nice job. looked like a healthy critter

  3. beautiful dog...

    Very nice pelt on that dog. It's worth it being out in the cold in the winter for a you sell your skins or just hobby trap?

    I ran a small snare lilne last winter. Took a while, but got a beautiful red fox for my efforts with one of the nicest pelts I've ever seen. It's on my stringer now...:smile:
  4. I'm just hobby trapping for something to do over winter and they are becomming a problem here and have killed two of my wifes mousers around the house. So I'm trying to thin them down some.
  5. Looks like a big female??? Or is that a small male? have not put any snares out this year. Just being cheap and lazy. Been using the excuse, every dollar on gas i spend trapping is one less I spend on running the dogs!!!

    Have not spent one nickel out of my pocket in any outdoor sport this winter, other than the dogs. Have stuck to it hard, and as a result has reduced the free ice fishing trips to nil!! I like the reduction in so called friends!!!

  6. Right on Steve it was a female!
  7. Just a lucky 50/50 guess.

    You get bored, and have a weekend off with good snow. Should come up this way and chase a few around with us. Sammy may even let you use her sled if you don't have one. Most of our area one is needed, but some truck work can be done.

  8. I'll see what's going on in Feb. if we get some fresh snow. I don't have a sled so would need one or just stick to the truck and radio.