Carrying sidearms in gun season?

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  1. Hi all-

    So I've been trying to figure this one out. Is it legal to carry a sidearm IN ADDITION to a shotgun/rifle during the 9-day gun deer hunt?

    I know that to carry a handgun for deer hunting it has to be 5 1/2" barrel, etc. But I'm not carrying it for deer hunting purposes. It's a sad thing that it's come to this, but it's just for protection. Between what went down in Sawyer County with Vang (I hunt on the north end of Sawyer), now certain packs of predators are running around everywhere too. Not only did I need to get myself off the ground (a tree stand is big enough of a pain), but I also want something as protection just in case I end up colliding with a loner/pack of wolves during my walk to and from the stand. It would be to spook them off more than anything. Between trip cams and personal viewings, I know they're out there. I'm thinking a .22 revolver (in addition to my rifle).

    So is that legal, or can you not have more than one gun? I know it can't be concealed... although, can it be concealed if I'm hunting on private property (and I am NOT the owner?) We pay royalties to use the landowner's private space, so is it legal for me to carry it somewhat concealed (on a belt under the orange coat).

    Not that you'll find me in the Chequamegon, but I'll be the young lady hanging out in a tree over closing weekend and possibly at a local bar for a turkey day football game! Enjoy :)
  2. Kc,
    As far as I understand you are allowed to carry any sidearm in the woods as long as it is not concealed. I plan on carrying a 40 cal. auto when I am setting up stands on Thursday and Friday. I won't be real far from where you hunt. Our group hunts in Southern Bayfield County in the Chequamegon. Good Luck Hunting.

  3. You may want to contact the local Sheriff, Jim Meir. He or the Police chief would be the best places to go for specific information regarding carrying handguns in conjunction to also carrying a long gun.

    Other sources of information would be the local DNR office on HWY 27 S., just around the corner from the Lodge Steak House and Shooting Star Archery, on the same side of the road.

    I too will also be in the area West of Nelson Lake in the Totagatic WMA.
  4. It is legal to carry a handgun in addition to another gun. You can carry as many guns as you want to carry. Regardless of what any one says you have the right to do this. Yet, during the gun deer season. I'm sure a warden would be willing to make the interpretation that you are illegally hunting if the handgun does not meet the restrictions. What your intent is and what they think your intent is will be 2 very different things. So if it does not meet the regs I would leave it at home to be safe. Unless you got the money to possibly fight the ticket you may receive.
  5. In WI it is illegal to carry a conceiled weapon period, private or public land. This should change after Walker gets in office as our Reps will introduce a bill ASAP. Try getting a hand gun that is legal for deer and that can be carried for protection legally. A .22 is not legal to carry while hunting deer.

    Good Hunting!:wink::smile:
  6. It is legal to carry a .22 hand gun while deer hunting. Small game season is open during deer season and a .22 handgun is a legal caliber for small game hunting. It would not be legal to shot or shot at a deer with the .22, and a warden may give you a rough time if he thinks that that is what you want it for. I would question the logic of carrying a hand gun for "protection" during rifle season, What kind of a threat are you expecting that your deer rifle could not handle? If you think about it logically, you will realize that your biggest danger is driving your car, and I bet that you don't even think about wearing a crash helmet while you are driving!! From August to January I spend hundreds of hours in the woods of Washburn County hunting every thing from bears to bunny rabbits, and I am 100% certain that I am much safer in the woods than when I go to town!!