Caution advised: Winter aeration on Barron, Burnett, Polk and Washburn county lakes creates...

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    Contact(s): In Barron and Polk Counties: Aaron Cole, DNR fisheries biologist, 715-637-6864, or Brian Spangler, DNR fisheries technician, 715-637-6861. In Burnett and Washburn Counties: Craig Roberts DNR fisheries biologist, 715-635-4095; Kent Bass, DNR fisheries technician, 715-635-4079. Jennifer Sereno, DNR communications, 608-770-8084

    BARRON -Several lakes in Barron, Burnett, Polk and Washburn counties will have areas of open water this winter resulting from aeration systems used to sustain aquatic life, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

    The systems are operated by local governments or lake groups to keep portions of the lakes ice-free.

    "These systems help prevent winterkill of fish and other organisms by increasing the dissolved oxygen in the water," said Brian Spangler, a DNR fisheries technician in Barron.

    Snowmobilers, anglers and other lake users should use caution on these lakes because of the danger associated with open water and variable ice thickness. The open water areas should be surrounded by a fence of uprights connected by rope with reflective tape or reflectors.

    Area lakes with public access that have aeration systems include:

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