City of Viroqua requests approval of wastewater treatment plant improvements

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    Contact(s): Jason Knutson, DNR wastewater engineer , 608- 267-7894

    VIROQUA, Wis. - The City of Viroqua has requested approval from the Department of Natural Resources to make improvements to its wastewater treatment plant.

    The treatment plant was constructed in 1977-78, and most of the equipment is in need of replacement or rehabilitation. In addition, downstream from the treatment plant outfall is karst topography, consisting of crevices in the streambed through which streamflow rapidly infiltrates and reaches the groundwater. In order to protect groundwater quality, the Department of Natural Resources is requiring the city to relocate that outfall downstream of the creviced area. The proposed improvements include:

    outfall relocation, entailing installation of a force main along CTH B, to bypass the karst topography/disappearing stream segment;

    replacement of primary clarifier skimmers;

    biological treatment train modifications;

    minor hydraulics/piping modifications;

    final clarifier equipment replacement;

    replacement of two aeration blowers;

    addition of a new receiving station for hauled waste;

    addition of sludge thickening facilities;

    liner repairs on the equalization storage basin;

    modifications to the control building to create space for office/break room and laboratory;

    addition of a sludge pump;

    minor repairs to the sludge holding tank;

    modifications to ras/was pumps and/or piping; and

    related electrical work.

    The total capital cost of the improvements is estimated to be approximately $8.6 million. The city anticipates financing the project through the Clean Water Fund loan program and is seeking additional funding via Clean Water Fund Principal Forgiveness and Rural Development, financing.

    User charges for an average residential customer (using 2,624 gallons per month) are expected to increase from the current average residential charge of $24 per month to between $30 and $35 per month in 2016 and increase to between $35 and $37 per month over the next five to six years.

    Although the proposed project is not expected to involve significant environmental impacts, the public is invited to comment. Provide comments by September 24, 2015, to Jason Knutson, Bureau of Water Quality, Department of Natural Resources, Box 7921, Madison, Wisconsin 53707, 608-267-7894 or [email protected].

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