Conflict in law between WI DOJ and WI DNR

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  1. Hello

    I found this conflict in law between the WI Dept. of Justice and the WI DNR. I tried calling concerning it, and was subsiquently referred to other people and other people and more people. All of whom did not want to give me an answer, so now I am turning to the internet to find suggestions on where to get a straight answer.

    I spoke with the attorney general secretary, referred to the firearms hotline (who hung up on me), referred to the District Attorney of sheboygan co., then to the DNR in madison, then to the regional represitive for the DNR in Milwaukee, then to my local DNR house in Plymouth, WI. (long time on the phone for no answer)

    I am wondering who is right concerning transporting a long gun (firearm), UNLOADED, in a vehicle; the DOJ says it needs to be in a case and the DNR says it does not need to be in a case.

    Listed below are the 2 separate web sites and where the specific wording is located.

    The DOJ:

    PDF page 52 or document page 44, Transportation of Firearms section, subsection B, second sentence.

    The DNR:

    Topic 1, third paragraph, second sentence.

    They both say the same thing yet opposite. seriously? and when I mentioned the dates to the callers, a reply of (or similar to) "that doesnt make much of a difference" was recived.

    I love the answers we get or dont get from the state. :bowdown: < supposed to be a guy banging his head against a wall...probably does more good.

    If someone knows where a definate answer is to this please let me know.

    Thank you in advance.

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