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  1. to NCW NAVHDA on another successful NAVHDA Utility test June 6-7 and proving that the "Big Dumb Down" of 98-99 was a great success. On the latest UT test at the grounds 5 of 9 dogs tested at the utility level achieved utility prize one qualifications....over half. This is unheard of at UT level testing at other legitimate sites. This all thanks to the hard work of the "dumb down gang" and their altering of the water site at the testing grounds in the late 90's. The offspring of these dogs can now be sold to an unsuspecting and unknowing public for jacked up prices, based on inflated test scores due to an altered water test site. The NAVHDA test scores at this site at the utility level have proven over the past 10 years what many of us out here know/knew all along.

    They (those who participated in the big dumb down) should all be proud.:tsk:

    So if you are planning on running dog in a NAVHDA UT test, the site where the bar has been lowered enough to give even the medicore dogs a chance at the "big prize" is the NCW NAVHDA grounds.

    Of course your dog will probably not get into the test unless you have a griffon or brittany, bred by one of the them.:lol: