Cool Car, Where did you get it? Stop this Dam car now.. 1958

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  1. I was talking to a friend this morning when he said some thing about a old car, My mind went back to 1958 47 years ago that I will never forget...
    In the late summer of 1958 I had picked Up a person I will call Wayne, not his real name.
    Now this was probably a Fri. or Sat night and we were going to cruise the drive inn's in Ypsi to pick up women and these were the best night's for cruising.
    Funny I look back on it now and all the night's we cruised the drive inn's we never picked up any women. when you are 18 that doesn't register in a raging hormone 18 years old body and mind.
    Wayne was car less at the time and it took a lot for him to get in my car, A 1950 Plymouth crap green colored.
    Wayne was the original Fons, Wayne walked talked and looked like Fonzi from the later to come happy days show, when some one said some thing to Wayne he would turn his head slowly and answer slowly moving his head to emphasize his words and be cool. He had a duck tail hair cut, collar turned up, just to cool.
    Wayne would never lower him self to be any thing less than cool. The year before I had a 1951 Ford and the battery was pretty bad, some times start some times not so a short push in reverse and pop the clutch and she would start. I would park at the drive inn on a slight grade and just in case the car wouldn't start by the battery I would put it in reverse and push the clutch in and let it roll back and pop the clutch and she would start, worked 99 percent of the time but one night Wayne was with me when it didn't work, well it didn't take much of a push to start but trying to get Wayne out of the car to push was like trying getting some one to charge a machine gun nest with a BB pistol, Wayne push and be uncool, no way, I was blocking part of the drive thru and I said we can't set here all Night Wayne, You have to push.
    well Wayne thought of a way to be cool and still push the car, He got out and leaned his butt against the hood area like people did in those days at drive inn's, in this position he was able to push on the car with his butt and still not look like he was push starting my car, he pushed with his butt and I released the clutch and the old 51 ford came to life, when the car moved he acted surprised it moved and slowly walked back to the car and got in real cool.
    Like I said Wayne Didn't like to ride in uncool cars and my new $20.00 car was a 50 Plymouth 4 dr rusty and ugly dark green, just being a Plymouth was not cool much less rusty and a 4 door but he had no other choice
    We arrived at the Chick inn drive up and as I was pulling in to a parking space I noticed Wayne hunkered way down, just his eyes above the door frame, I said what are you doing? He said just checking out the chicks, I said with your head down that low? he just didn't want to be seen in that ratty Plymouth.
    We set there a hour or so and cars beside me came and went, we didn't drive away because the tank was all most empty , had to conserve the fumes that were left so we could get home.
    well after about a hour a real good looking two toned 55 Chevy 2 door hard top with a V8 265 cubic motor which you could tell by the sound of the motor as it drove up beside us, it had Hollywood pipes that made a rumbling sound. even at a idle.
    I looked over at it and then saw that there were 2 good looking broads, Wayne hadn't looked yet because it wasn't cool to act excited, I said Wayne, look 2 fine broads, he slowly turned his head and about that Time the 2 girls were looking at us, I thought well now that they saw my rat Plymouth we were done, When the 2 girls were looking at us and Wayne had turned his head nonchalant and said nice ride you got there, the driver a real fox said so you like it? Wayne said fine ride, the driver said well hop in and we will go for a ride. I thought we hit the mother lode of Fine broads.
    Wayne replied cool. I got out and was in the back seat of the 55 Chevy before Wayne even had his door all the way open , he walked over to the Chevy real slow kinda bobbing his head with his cool walk and slowly got in the back seat with me.
    The driver said where you want to go, Wayne said real slow " where ever you want babe.
    The driver started that fine sounding 55 Chevy and backed up quickly and threw the gear in low gear and spun the tires half way round the drive inn, she hit the street and was hauling butt, Wayne who never got excited said hey Babe we are missing the view when you drive so fast, I could tell Wayne was getting excited by his voice and the speed, Wayne never drove fast, mainly because he couldn't be cool and he didn't like high speed in a car.
    Wayne was getting real excited about the fast driving, after about fifteen minutes of this he asked the Driver how long she had her License? she replied I don't have one yet, Wayne said how old are you, She replied quickly ""15"" and so is my friend here, I looked at Wayne and he looked back at Me, two 15 Year olds, Jail bait,, Wayne is now getting uncool in his speech talking rather quickly, He said is this your dads car? the driver said nope, Wayne said well who's is it? she replied we stole it, I set forward and looked where the key should have been and there was a screw driver sticking in the ignition hole, I said Cripe they did steal it Wayne.. Wayne became as uncool as I was ever see him get in all the time I ever knew him, Wayne had been in reform school and some small trouble but the Police knew him by name, Here he is in a stolen car with two 15 Year old jail baits, Wayne lost it and screamed out ""stop this dam car now"", The Driver said why? Wayne Screamed out again stop this car, The driver slammed on the Brakes , We Bailed out and the driver sped away squealing the tires.
    Well we had a Mile or so walk back to the chick inn drive inn but a hell of lot better than 2 or 3 years in Jail. We had gone from striking the mother load of fine broads with a fine ride to hoofing it back to the chick inn in 15 or 20 minutes in the back seat of the 55 chevy of us thinking how lucky we were to get fine broads and a nice ride all in the same night.
    I think how that could have turned out back then if the Cops would have seen the driver speeding around, Maybe a car chase and crash or all most as bad me being 18 and Wayne 20 with his record in a stolen car with two 15 year olds, I think as Ricky Ricardo would say """ you got some splaining to do to the cops if they had pulled her over.
    It sure would have been some hard Splaining to get us out of that mess.of a stolen 55 Chevy and two 15 year old girls in 1958 49 years ago
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