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  1. how much are they worth these days? We have a guy on our land trapping them and was wondering what he got per coon. Thanks
  2. anyone have a rough estimate? They up to $20?? I have no idea and am pretty curious. Thanks

  3. I ran into a guy the other day trapping coons said he got $30 a hide for them! Don't know if this is true or not but sure would be nice if it was!
  4. Wow that is crazy! that is alot of money for a coon hide. Can anyone confirm that price?
  5. I believe here in MI there going for around $15 to $25.. Just my $.02
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    Depends on a few things.If he sells them in the round "complete"unskun.Or skun and not fleshed and dried.Or to a local fur buyer or finishes them out and sells thtough the auctions in north bay or new york.They'd have to be finished and prime for 30.00.I'm gonna guess 10.00-15.00 average through the auctions.
    You could check and check the prices there.
  7. From the last Ravenna auction the average was $22 and the high was $38 guys are saying that next year they will be even higher.

  8. I read somewhere that next year the prime northern hides will be in high demand by the Russian and Chinese fur buyers. They went on to say, Coon hides going for in the upper $50's to lower $60's will not be uncommon.:smile:
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    Why are the Russian's and Chinese buying so many?
  10. They use the Northern hides for collars and cuffs. The northern hides are the most dense and make for better trim. They said that WI., MN, and MI have the prime hides for this purpose.
  11. There is always a bunch of rumor the prices are going to be high again. Doubt we will ever see $50 again.

    Prices this year were from $5-$15 just skun out. A couple of really big ones did see $20. They did do a little better at the auction. You have to remember though. At the auction these hides have been stretched, and dried! That a lot of work for a few extra dollars!!!