Cornell, Wisconsin Hunting

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  1. Hello.. New to the forum. I have an opportunity to hunt some private land around Cornell, Wisconsin possibly. Never been up to WI before and excited to be able to hunt outside of Texas. I was wondering what to expect up there? Also, I read over the regulations and I am thoroughly confused. It appears that Chippewa County does not have any special restrictions, or anything like that. But, I have no idea how many bucks a person can take? Can we take does? Do they have pheasant or bears in that area? What is the land like up there? Also, does WI only have a one week rifle season? Thanks for any information you can provide. Can't wait to visit the area.
  2. While I cannot answer all your questions I can help with a couple. Wisconsin has a 9 day gun season, in addition they have a muzzleloader season. If Chippewa county dosen't have any special regs then you would need a doe permit to harvest antlerless deer. Check with WDNR website to see if they have leftover permits as it is too late to apply for one. In Wisconsin you may take 1 antlered deer per year with a firearm. I hope this helps good luck:smile:

  3. My land is 15 miloes from Cornell. I wouldnt expect to be "wow'ed" The land should be 50/50 on farmlandf and woods leaning more toward woods in most of the county. That is just an observation since as soon as you leave the county to the north, you see smaller farm fields than in Chippewa co. Bear, Wolves, Mountain Lions, bobcats whitetail etc, the county can have them all. The county is pretty south though to expect many Bobcat. You can look up the book bucks on many different web pages from Wi, counties. Chippewa is not on the top (or anywhere near it). Sorry to be such a bummer about hunting but the county but it is a nice place to live and visit. The good thing about Wisconsin hunting is that no matter where you arte you might take a "book buck" From as south as you can get in the state to the northern most regions one can "at any time" possibly take a huge trophy. Check out the few buck pictures I have posted here. These bucks are just 3 miles north of Chippewa. Not the TV trphy's but in my book they would be! Any other questions about the area I would be glad to help you with. Good luck this fall and try and make the Rut for bow hunting. You can take one buck with a bow and one with a gun, maybe even one more buck with a muzzel loader (I dont hunt with muzzys) You used to get a free doe permit with every gun license but this year may be different, the doe population was lower than in recent years and permits have been cut back. As msu hunter said, check the WDNR web pages for more info. If I was a Lawyer, I could help more with our regulations but I am not :)
  4. Thanks for all of the information. I appreciate it. I am trying to get the place pinpointed to look at on a map. It appears that it is a good mix of agricultural land and woods. I assume that I would just find a good trail between the fields and woods and sit on it all day?? Any other suggestions?? BTW, having a hard time telling what unit Cornell is in. Can anyone help me out. Unfortunately, we are not bow hunters, so it looks like we will have to schedule everything around the 9day gun season. I could do muzzle, but not sure the others in my group could. Not looking for a B&C buck, just a nice fat buck and hopefully a doe. They grow way bigger (body and rack) than what we are used to seeing in our part of Texas. Thanks again! I will probably have more questions as the time gets closer.