Coyote Update?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by WIshooter, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Any update on the coyote take for the Winter? Been trying to get out and do some hunting, but have not had the time. Just wandering what I was missing out there? I'm up in the Florence area, anyone else local?
  2. Hi, im in sheboygan, but my dad has a cabin and some land in Tipler. I am new to coyote hunting and want to go really bad. All i need to get yet is some ammo, sight in and go get some yotes. So, i would like to go with someone who knows what they are doing. If you or anyone would like to go let me know. I WANT TO GO !!!

  3. Well,,, I certainly wouldn't say I know what I am doing. As I have many attempts, none successful yet.....but I am sure if you are in the Tipler area we could meet up this Winter... Also go check out There is a experienced fellow on there who hunts up here in Florence. He even talked about doing a team coyote hunt up here... also that .243 you have should be a tack driver and a fine coyote gun IMO.

  4. Id love to go now, but i hate the all this heat. Ive been watching lots of dvd's on calling and so forth. So ill kinda be ready, but still would like for someone to go with me. Not to many of my friends hunt. The one who does cant own a gun, so he just goes bow hunting. Better than nothing right. Oh and yes i do love this gun. It was on sale at Cabelas so i had to get it lol. k enough rambling on...Ryan
  5. I work midnights in Florence, and when I go outside for some fresh air, I can hear them in the woods... taunting me... every night. its cruel.
  6. as soon as it gets a lil cooler out im going up there. just need to get a few more things yet. i conned my brother into going but he needs to but a new gun first. i told him to go get a 22-250 or a 223. He just bought a $1300 kimber .45acp. must be nice to live at home huh lol.