Crawford County Land Owner "snaps"

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    My inside sources at Crawford County tells me a landowner LOST it over
    the Memorial Day Weekend. He had too many anglers fishing in "HIS" stream.

    He sicked his dog on 4 fisherman and the dog bite three of them and then
    the owner drove a car very near to them at a high rate of speed and caused them to flee for their safety.

    The Crawford County DA office is sorting out the charges. Three charges have been drafted already.

    One is "Harassing A Sportsman Or Angler." Four counts.

    Fishing is supposed to be relaxing NOT full of drama.
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  2. Ah this guy is an ass. I have heard all about him. He throws rocks while you are fishing. He gets out his video camera and trys to intimidate you. He thinks he owns the stream. Public road, public bridge, anyone can legally access this stream. He is just a selfish jerk who feels entitled to own the river. Yes the guy pays big taxes and owns land on both sides however access from a public bridge and keep your feet wet - shut up guy. I hope he gets what he deserves. Prosecuted for criminal charges then your friends should go sue his ass. Glad to hear his dogs got put down.