Cuddeback is Horrible!

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  1. I bought a cuddeback F2 and it takes the most awful night pics. Avoid it at all costs!!!! Its not worth $1 let alone $100. Their support sucks and will do nothing for you other then to say that you get what you pay for! I would post the awful pics but I can't seem to figure out how.

  2. Should of got yourself a homebrew setup

  3. I work at Cuddeback. I know you feel that the quality of pics is not meeting your expections. You paid $100 for your camera and exchanging your camera out for $150 model free of charge is not something businesses can afford to do.
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    Another thing that businesses can't afford to do is to produce inferior buggy equipment when $100 spent on another camera could do quite well.
  5. All I want is a refund. I threw the box away expecting the product to be AS ADVERTISED. The store will not take it back without the box. Send me an empty box.

    This is from your ad for the camera:
    "incredible performance" - FALSE
    "Illumination range of 75'" - FALSE
    "Images will come out clear and focused" - FALSE!

    So basically you committed fraud and false advertising. Give me my money back!
  6. I will send you a box. I think it's unfair to say that "Cuddeback is Horrible" when the retailer whom you bought it from won't give you as refund when you just bought it. Yet were the bad guy. smh
  7. So you are saying that it is the retailer's fault that the camera doesn't function as advertised. After a statement like that from a Factory Rep I would never buy any product from Cuddeback. That is the worst statement I have ever heard from a factory rep .
  8. Not saying that at all. The product is not faulty but it is not meeting the expectations of the customer.