Custom bowstrings shoot better.. but where to get?

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  1. So I listened to my friend and ordered bowstrings from viperX but after 50 shots they flew off of the bow! I didn't install them myself but I don't want to take the chance so I'm going to go with another company. Another friend recommended 60x custom strings as they are a bigger company. I have a hoyt and I found the listing for hoyt carbon spyder turbo bowstrings but I was looking for some second opinions about 60x custom strings. Have any of yall used these guys? Or do you have any other recommendations?
  2. Hi, I haven't personally used 60X but I've read mixed reviews about them, but mostly positive. I recently ordered a Buckslayer string for my old Switchback XT. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but the communication and craftsmanship was top notch, only took about a week to get the string/cable set. I found him on the forum. I will post a link.

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    I have used Buck Slayer strings myself and been quite satisfied.
  4. Okay I'll have to try buck slayer next time. Thanks for the reply. I ordered from 60X and was happy with what I got but I'll try buck slayer next time
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    60X seem to be quite popular.
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