Darn Ticks!

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  1. Getting ready for bed last night I felt kind of a sore spot on my belt line and looked down to find a deer tick and the tell tail bulls eye rash. Get to spend the next 15 days on antibiotics after a trip to the clinic this morning. :rant: I hate taking pills. Be careful out there guys!
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    Yeap, had a couple of the larger dog ticks on my this weekend.

  3. Went thru the same thing two summers ago and it was no fun! My joints, especially the kness felt like crap for about three weeks.
  4. Griffon
    Why? did you get the Lime disease?
    I brought back zip lock of 27 ticks,4 deer and 23 woodys from the first turkey season. Guys at work act like babies when they seem em! Funny as heck!
    I was down in Pleasant Prairie Wi working the dog at Lake Andrea Park Memorial day. Had a woody on my neck just from a 10 min off trail run with her. Even down there the ticks are thriving.
    I love ticks personally!:coco: I always told my kids (so they would not develope a fear of em) I would rathe have 10 ticks on me than 1 skeeter. Way more folks have diead or diseased up from skeeters than from ticks and most of the time you feel em before they get a bite. Even after the bite most times they dont itch any where near the skeeter bit.
    That little speech worked on the kids 15 years ago because not a one is feaful of going in the woods because of the ticks.
    Yup! I guess you can just say that I am a Wisconsin
    Tick L:piparty:uver
  5. Brokenarrow, yes I had lyme disease.I agree with you, I'd rather have ticks than skeeters as long as I find them on me. It was the little bugger I missed that caused the problem.
  6. thats horrible! How are you doing now? I was freinds with a guy who had it for ten years with out being diagnosed! He was about in a walker when they figured it out (late 80's) After a long bout with anti-biotics he felt like he was 20 years younger. I dont know what happened to him, he was transferred with chysler's move back in 1990. I thought you could never get rid of it if you got it? Is this right?
  7. Gezz the ticks are terrible in my area,

    by the way how are doing?
  8. Ticks

    We went up to Crivitz while I was home on leave and cut some firewood. The wood ticks were horrible all over our boots, clothes, and hair. Even with 100% Deet they were on us. Pesky bastards.
  9. They don't seem to be as bad as last year overall.

    I have declared war on them, and it is a constant battle. We lost one of the best dogs I ever owned last year to them. She ended up with anaplasmosis, and lymes. It was the anna that killed her. The amount of cases of anna cases are way up this year according to our vet. It's a horrible thing.

    We treat the dogs with a spot on every 3 weeks. We also use a product called Bronco equine fly spray every time we hit the field. It is a permethrin based product. We have begun using it on ourselves as well. Just like the permethrin you can buy in the aersol can, but much cheaper. We spray our clothes down with it. We also spray the yard heavy with Ortho bug be gone max.

    Also give the dogs the lymes shot. As hopefully a preventative. Yet there is no shot for anna yet.

    Like I said it's a personal war on them for us!!