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  1. When is the deadline for getting your application in to draw for a bear tag?
  2. oops

    nevermind I saw the thread just now looks like I wait another year.

  3. Dogn, you can miss a year without losing any of your previous points earned. Still it will take anywhere from 4-10 yrs to draw a tag depending on the zone you chose. Almost every year is the same with the deadline being Dec 10th. You normally can begin applying for your point come march of each year. SO you can mark the deadline on the calendar for next year. Don't want to miss again, or you will have to start over.

  4. Steve

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    How many years of accumulating preference points in WI, does it take on average to be sure you will get your permit.

  5. Here's a links that will give you the info that you want as far and years to draw. Number of applicants, and the number of tags given out for each management unit.
  6. Water dog- Glad to see you made it over to this site! It is you from that other site right? This seems to be a good young site that needs the support of guys like us.

    Hope to hear more from you!

    Your friend in hunting

  7. Hi Steve

    Yep it's me! I seen your name and chuckled a little on how we seem to find each other. On the post I made about the long winter feel free to add some bear pictures that you might want to share. I'm sure you have some great ones! I picked up a Blue Tick from Dennis Upson Saturday and I pretty excited about him.

    See ya on the boards

  8. real glad to see everyone...

    Keep inviting your friends...!!

    Sorry to get off topic, I've drawn three tags in the last 20 years, took two bears and passed on the third to let a youngster fill his first bear tag. All three while hunting with hounds.
  9. Thanks everyone

    Thank you for the info. Luckily or sadly I haven't applied yet to WI so I have no points to loose, but I also have none gathered lol.

    I hope to draw one in the next five or so years while i am young enough to enjoy it