Debate stirs over same-day bow license bill

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    Debate stirs over same-day bow license bill
    Three-day wait prevents hunters from skirting the law

    This past week, the state Assembly Committee on Natural Resources held a public hearing on Assembly Bill 401, a law that would allow a bowhunter to purchase a license and hunt deer on the same day.

    Support for the move came from the Department of Natural Resources and a number of deer-hunting groups.

    More than a decade ago, those same organizations backed the law on the books, which requires a three-day waiting period between the time a person purchases a bow hunting license and is able to hunt.
  2. Give me a break, they want the herd thinned, so why do they care if you do or don't shoot a deer the same day you buy a license? What do they care if you shoot a deer without a license, then go and get one and tag the deer. Who cares? They have so many deer running around they ought to be making it easier, instead of more red tape.:cool::cool:

  3. The DNR is way too high on the deer population estimates. You are right though about them not caring when you shoot the deer as long as you take one out of the herd that is all they want. They throw antlerless tags at us here in unit 61 - just crazy. Oh and I hate EAB!!!
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    What was the initial reason for the waiting period? To curtail violators? To me the law makes little to no sense. As long as you are hunting ethically with a license you shouldn't have to wait.
  5. Ya I think it was so people just didn't go out without a license and hunt - then if they shot one go into town and buy a license and tag it. Thats my thinking on it
  6. Its for buying the wife a tag instead of using mine for the deer I got this morning. Way too much of this goes on. Too many Grandma's and Wife's tag deer and just happen to never been hunting.
  7. BS, and so what! They want the deer killed, well then let them be killed.:rolleyes: