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Discussion in 'Mississippi River Basin' started by spinner, May 26, 2009.

  1. spinner

    spinner Staff Member

    I typically use 29 but 40 was all that they had so I bought some.
    The skitoes were terrible. The 29 worked well so I thought the
    40 would be better.


    40 is too strong.

    On friday I put some where I typically do. On my cheeks and on the back of
    my neck. It stung all day but I ignored it. Friday night i had huge blotches on my face and neck where I put it and it still burned.

    On saturday I smartened up and put it only on my hat and on my clothing on my shoulders. I developed breathing problems later in the day. This stuff is just too dang strong. I took my cap off on the way back to the car some I could breath.
  2. Steve

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    I can't stand the stuff. Some old-timers have told me to put it on your hat or the bottom of your pants and the ends of your shirt sleaves.

  3. Stronger the better for me:dizzy:. I have used the stuff for ever and a year and have not had the probs you did. My wife has skin that can not handle much irritation and can not wear 40+ deet. (Not comparing you to female skin or any cut like that ) Jis sayin that I use it. I will say though that sometimes the 40 does not seem to work as well as the 29. Anyone remember 100%
    Ive been opting for the Sawer name brand that has a biting fly repelent in it and I think it has less deet?
  4. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    I've used the 100% back in the day. The stuff was pretty nasty. I remember it melting plastic fishing rods and lures that I touched when I had it on my hands. If it melts plastic imagine what it does to you!
  5. I use eucalyptus products on light days. On heavy days I only use a Thermacell. Those things work amazingly great. I've been in some real bad swamps in the U.P. and had no issues.