Deer Decoys- They Work

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  1. For the 1st time yesterday I used a deer decoy. Went bow hunting yesterday afternoon and set up my decoy that I Had got last year for Christmas. Set it up about 15 yards quartering away as a doe. Put some Golden Estrous under tail and freshened the scrape that was close to stand. Got in my stand looked at my watch it was 1 pm. That left me about 5 hours to sit as the close was 6:03 this evening. The afternoon was uneventful with the wind blowing 10 to 20 mph out of the west. About 5:30 the wind started dieing down and a deer appeared in the corner of food plot about 100 yard out. Looked like a doe didn't have my binocs. A second deer appears in the same corner this one I can clearly make out that it is a buck, looks like the tall 2 1/2 year 8 point. He is headed to the old apple tree. I give a couple of grunts and get both deer's attention. The 8 point and other deer start to move in my direction. The 8 point notices another deer in the tree line and starts chasing it out of site. The smaller deer moves along the edge of food plot to get down wind of the decoy that it has now noticed. Now the deer is closing the distance and I can see that it is a nub buck with 1 inch nubs. He works around and gets completely down wind and starts the approach to the decoy closing the distance to about 10 feet not knowing what to make of the decoy. About then I hear more deer approaching the food plot from my left. 2 more fawns appear which get the attention of the nub buck. As he watches as the other deer come into the plot 2 adult does follow the fawns out. I have 5 deer in the plot now. The deer look out to the opposite far corner another doe and fawn appear that make 7 deer in the plot. Now the nub buck starts to walk up behind the doe decoy and smells under the decoy's tail where the scent pad is and starts to mount the decoy when he bumps his nose on the decoys plastic tail he rears back a little suspicous of the decoy but comes right back smelling the decoy's tail. About this time I am almost falling out of the stand laughung. This little guy won't give up. It is now a little after 6 pm and the season is closed for the day. I lower my bow and the deer don't want to leave. It is getting real dark so I give out a couple of owl hoots which gets the deer to trot off of the plot. If the nub buck would have been one of the big boys it would have presented me the perfect shot. The nub buck did every thing you see on the Hunting shows except he didn't have the big head gear. What a show I had. Sorry for long post but I had to tell the story. Hope you enjoyed it.
  2. Haha! Great story Tom.

    That's the reason I bowhunt my friend.

    Kill or no Kill man that's what makes memories right there!

  3. Thats sounds like a great hunt you had!!!!! I need to try a decoy one of these days!
  4. Montana decoys work very well, have used them on deer and elk, had one buck go nuts on the Montana decoy. I shot a bull elk coming into a cow call and the decoy about 15 yards away. Just make sure that you are careful when you use them, can be very dangerous with hunters on public land.