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  1. This is my first season fly tying, I purchased a peak rotary vice and all the tools I will need. I've had success tying nymphs and some Spey flies but the last couple weeks I've been attempting tying articulated streamers, specifically the drunk and disorderly.

    My question/problem is getting the deer hair head to stay/look good. Does anyone have any tips/tricks to get better success in creating the head and getting the hair to stay?

    I apologize if this is a dumb question, I didn't think this would be a hard part of the tie but I'm really struggling with it.

    Oh and also I'm confused about the attaching of the wire bite from the rear hook to the front hook, is just wrapping thread going to be strong enough to keep the two hooks together? That seems weak to me.


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  2. Steve

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    I have found with deer hair you need to pull lightly with the thread while it spreads around the head and then pull more strongly straight up when you have the hair about where you want it.