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  1. I have a friend that believes in that new "raw diet fad" Shee wants to feed her dog wild game if possible instead of all that chemical filled store bought raw meat" LOL. Really! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone ever heard of dogs catching anything from eating raw venison?
    This raw meat diet is a very big thing I guess. Not for me and my pup but to each is own I guess.
  2. Broken Arrow-

    I have been feeding my dogs the scraps from our deer for years without a problem. We cook it to kill any bacteria, but some say it is not nessacary.

    I know a lot of guys that feed whatever they can get their hands on. Beaver is one of the best you give. Lamb is the absoulte best for putting fat on. Sometimes you can get beef from farmers that has died for one reason or another. Cost wise she would be good to buy a cow and butcher it. Keeping the steaks of course.

    Since I am a houndhunter, I try to feed the best I can afford. With 5 dogs the cost can get nutty. Supplementing with meat scraps helps the cost a little.

    Steve White

  3. no way...

    I think that people who are all wound up on the raw craze don't know enough about internal parasites...not my dogs, thanks...they eat normal old dog food-Purina Pro Plan normally, but when I've had old and sick dogs on the hamburger and rice diet, I always cooked it enough to kill the parasites.

    I would never trust any modern day mega mass produced butcher house...

    Yes, wolves and coyotes eat raw food, but they're always full of parasites, and usually end up dying from it in the long run if something else doesn't get them first.
  4. Talked to a few other fellow houndsmen about this. They say the same thing I did.

    The biggest thing is proper worming of your dogs. Most people don't worm like they should. I worm every month with Ivomec for everything but tapes. Ivomec(ivermectin) is the main ingriedient in most heart wormers as well. Every 3 months I worm for tapes using Valbezan.

    I know the first thing you are saying is that costs a small fortune. Well with the 5 dogs I have it sure could. Still i get my stuff in the horse section at fleet farm. I can worm 5 dogs with Ivomec for 2 years monthly. Cost is much cheaper than vet meds, and the same thing.

    For fleas and ticks I use equine spot. a 3 month supply for 1 dog of Biospot 10 bucks. Using the equinspot cans get 10 doses for 10 bucks.

    Dogs in the field or around home come into contact with lots of parasites. Really no differnt than feeding raw meat. So I would cook the stuff at least partially and worm regular. Ohh, and when it comes to eggs. A dog gets more from them cooked than raw. Also seem to prefer the taste.

  5. worms and eggs

    I know a lot of houndsmen who feed scraps to their dogs...whatever they can get from the market. Those dogs look pretty healthy to me.

    Interesting about the cooked eggs...I never knew that.
  6. Hi Birdhunter, nice to see you again!
    The raw diet also includes the bones. I guess they dont splinter like cooked bones do if raw? Enough bone in the diet helps firm up the poops. Anyway, I told her I wouldnt worry too much about bad venison from where I hunt and I do plan to get her a deer. Her Shepard eats 4lbs a day now of raw meat (including bones) so she is feeling the costs!
    I feed my dog Chicken soup food. I like the first four ingredients along with the rest. For the money, I think its a good food. Kinda spendy but not as high as some out there with alot worse ingredients.
    Steve, later next month I would like to ask you more about the meds you buy for your dogs from FF. I like the idea of saving money. My Lab is always infested with a worm or two. She has had Tape worm 3 times in her 2 years she has been alive and she has been wormed for the others probably 7 other times, It is damm costly! I cant imagine having five of them!!! BTW, Zoey has had generalized mange (demedex mites) also, what a pain!
    If this dog was not by best friend in the whole world she would be sleeping with the fishes! Not to mention she is the best grouse hunter I have ever owned! Hell, not only does she actually find birds, she also will look back at me (when I tell he to) and then she will watch and follow my hand comands (and she was never formally trained) This mutt is my best friend, thats shameful! Isnt it?
  7. Broken arrow, Nothing shameful about a good hunting dog at all no matter breeding or color!!

    Happy to give you all the info i have on the meds. Don't have the time right not to post it all. I would almost bet that some of the mange med you have been given has a little Ivermec in it.?.

    We are fighting anaplasmosios, and lymes in one of our dogs. Looked like the first round of antis got it, but she is getting skinny again. So it looks like we are going to start round 2.


  8. Steve:
    How much Ivomec do you use for your dogs? This is interesting! Also how much Spot?

  9. The dose for ivomec is .1 cc/ml per 10lbs. On the equi spot it is 3 ml for a large dog 45-75lbs roughly.
  10. Thanks alot!
  11. Zoey does get 100% ivermectine for her demedex. She gets 15cc every day for 30 days. She usually needs two months worth to get rid of the mange. About twice a year she has outbreaks but spread at 9 month intervals.
    The anaplasmosios you talked about, is that what is causing your dog to lose weight or is it the lymes? My dog was just on antibiotics for anaplasmosis. Now I see she is losing weight. My wife told me Im starving her lol. (she dont know what an "inshape" dog should look like. But now Im concerned. Hmm maybe calling the vet would be good since her last visit they never told me if they rechecked for anaplasmosis.
  12. I've been feeding my dogs raw and cooked meat for 20 years becuase my family owns a chain of bar/grill and we buy and butcher our meat ourselves and have an average of 30lbs of unusable meat a night. Never had a problem and two 120 ten year old labs never had a problem.
    Albert A Rasch
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