Deer with a recurve movie 13 years ago

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Traditional Archery' started by steve ypsi mi, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. here you go bushbow a post about recurves
    I was filming my friend shooting a recurve, He was in a pine tree.. there are 4 deer in the movie, the one to the left barly in the screen is the one, you will see a blur of white heading toward it near the end of the 21 second movie, thats a white fletched arrow and when it hits the deer explode in all directions
    Wish I could have sound, this was a tall fletching that whisled like a hawk yet the deer reacted only after the one being hit
  2. Cool video Steve...thanks for posting it....

  3. cool can tell the video was taken a few years ago - not in the digital age