Department of Natural Resources announces drawdown of the - Boltonville Millpond -

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    Contact(s): Michelle Hase, DNR water management engineer, 262-574-2127

    TOWN OF FARMINGTON, Wis. -- The controlled drawdown of the Boltonville Milllpond has begun and is expected to take several days, according to the Department of Natural Resources. The lake will remain drawn down until approximately February 1, 2016, and will be brought back to normal conditions after the work is completed. This action is being taken to facilitate pipeline repair and dredging. The dredging permit is still being processed

    The water level will be lowered at a rate of approximately 6 inches per day, until the lake has been lowered approximately 7 feet.

    The 12-foot high dam is located in the town of Farmington in Washington County, and is owned by the Boltonville Sportsmen Club.

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