Different Colored Turkey

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  1. Saw this hen turkey while hunting Saturday and checked a cam and had a picture of it. This would make a cool mount if it hangs around until next fall.

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    Nice picture. That's one animal I've never got on my deer cam yet.

  3. white turkeys

    I learned the hard way about 20 years ago to look askance at those "rare" white turkeys. It usually, in fact about 10 different times, turned out to be turkeys that had been bred from escaped domestic turkeys and wild turkeys-usually, a wild tom. On two different occasions, I've gotten calls about eggs hatched from a domestic hen at a farm that appeared to be wild turkeys...from wild toms that were apparently able to get to the domestic hens...LOL

    White in turkeys does occur in the wild, but only in incidences of very high populations, and only very rarely.
  4. There are no domestic turkeys in the area. Not to say that some where way back that a domestic turkey bred with a wild one. Still a very cool coloration. On another forum that I post on had a retired Michigan Wildlife Biologist tell me that they are called Smokey Greys and that the birds that were introduced to Wisconsin and Michigan had this coloration gene in them.
  5. So thats what I saw at 80 yards! I saw a freakish colored turkey this year but only once. I wondered what it would look like up close. Maybe same as yours in the pic?
    Tom you could have a fun gene pool to watch in the near future!
  6. I saw one of those south of Tomahawk and another near home here in Oconomowoc, both of them hens.
  7. As they get older, some Toms seem to get very cool colors on the ends of the middle tail feathers.
  8. Saw a hen yesterday east of 51 north of Tomahawk and my brother tried a picture with his phone. The picture was not too good, but as we were stopped by the road a whole bunch of sparrow size poults ran into the woods with her, I was glad we moved them out of the road ditch into the woods.
  9. Good thing you were stopped! This is what happens when they change their mind on which direction they want to cross the road at. Friggen birds ran toward the ditch and they all jumped up to fly. All three flew to the right, the fourth one started towards the right and turned 180 while jumping up. He gturned and was in my windshield in a slit second.