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    The morning was unique. I started at 10 am fishing.

    No hits for the first hour. Was about to give up and then they turned on.

    When I say they I means 6 to 10 inchers. It was almost like I was behind the stocking trout.

    The water is not designated trout water so I knew this was impossible.

    Typically I catch 10-12 trout in this stretch and they are 15-19 inch range.

    I caught 20 little fish sticks....bang bang....bang...

    Then it it dried up again.

    I told myself I was going to give up if I didn't catch a decent trout in the next five casts.

    I let the cast fly and it was freight trained. This thing was one of the most powerful small stream trout I have ever had on.

    I couldn't control it at first. It hunkered down and refused to come off the bottom. I thought it was either hooked up in some roots or absolutely huge.

    I could feel its power and i got really fired up. Finally I got it to come the surface and I saw how wide it was across the back and it really looked deep.

    To make a long battle short....I landed it and i guess it to be an eyelash under 20 inches but it was twice as wide and deep as a typical trout its length.

    And it did NOT like its photo taken.