DNR announces public meeting to discuss disposal of dredged material in city of Milwaukee

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    Contact(s): Gerald Demers, DNR environmental engineer, 414-263-8594

    MILWAUKEE - The public will have an opportunity at an upcoming public meeting to discuss the disposal of dredged material from an area near Underwood Creek in Milwaukee County.

    The plan calls for the removal of dredged material (solids removed from the bed of any surface water) and upland soils adjacent to Underwood Creek, starting just west of Highway 45, crossing east downstream to the point at which the creek joins the Menomonee River, adjacent to the Hansen Golf Course.

    The dredged materials and soils will be placed onto the former Lakefield Sand and Gravel Property, 7003 West Good Hope Road. The property is located in the city of Milwaukee and owned by SWP Properties.

    The public meeting is Tuesday, March 22, at 4 p.m. at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Headquarters located at 260 W. Seeboth St. in Milwaukee. The meeting will begin with a presentation outlining the proposal. Staff with the Department of Natural Resources and MMSD will be available to answer questions and take comments.

    This project is proposed by MMSD. The plan is to restore a three-quarter mile stretch of the Underwood Creek channel. MMSD will remove the existing concrete liner, regrade the existing creek banks (excluding the concrete banks beneath Highway 45), and reconstruct portions of the project area with wetlands. According to the selected disposal alternative, the dredged materials and upland soils (approximately 39,000 cubic yards) will be disposed of on the Lakefield property.

    The department is required under s. 289.54(2), Wis. Stats. to hold a public meeting to describe the nature of the requested disposal and solicit public comment before it can approve a request to dispose of dredged materials. Interested citizens who cannot attend are encouraged to call or write with questions or comments by contacting Gerald Demers, DNR Milwaukee Headquarters, 2300 N. Martin Luther King Blvd. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212. He can be reached at 414-263-8594, or by email at

    [email protected] . All comments must be received by Thursday, March 24, 2016.

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